STELLA     (Auburn, NY, 1995)  

Band members:

Andi Camp - bass, vocals

Greg Dopko - guitar

Jeff Dopko - drums


Out of the ashes of Underside came Stella. The only two Underside band members still hanging around Auburn, NY, were Greg Dopko and Andi Camp, and they wanted to play music. Greg picked up a guitar, Andi picked up a mic, and Greg's older brother Jeff was wrangled to play drums.

Stella - self titled cdep
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The band was short-lived, playing just a handful of local shows before Andi moved west to Colorado. The official band breakup came in a recording studio showdown several months later, however, when Stella was recording with Fred Weaver in Brooklyn. Andi returned to Brooklyn a month later to sing and mix the record that would become Grafton number one.

Andi: Who did I think was going to buy those cds?? I don't know, but I don't regret it. It was a labor of love. And a dose of reality: if your band no longer exists, and no one knew who you were before, no one will want to buy your cds. NO ONE.