UNDERSIDE    (Auburn, NY, 1991-1993)

Zak Wasilenko - guitar

Mark Lynn - vocals, guitar

Greg Dopko - drums

Andi Camp - bass, vocals

Kevin Spaide - bass (1991)


Underside was a band from Auburn, New York, and was in existence from winter of 1991 to summer of 1993. Original members were Mark Lynn (vocals), Zak Wasilenko (guitar), Kevin Spaide (bass), and Greg Dopko (drums). When Kevin left the band in the fall of 1991, Andi Camp replaced him. While Andi was learning the songs, Mark learned to play guitar, and the lineup thereafter had two guitars and occasionally two vocals.

Underside released three demo tapes, recorded locally, followed by a 7" on Moonshine Records, out of Washington D.C.. Both the 7" and a later, unreleased song intended for a split 7", were recorded with Geoff Turner in D.C.

Underside broke up in the summer of 1993, fresh off a month long US tour.

While Underside was never on Grafton records, it was that band that tipped the first domino, so to speak. Underside may not have changed your life, but it certainly changed ours.