We're From Japan!  Portland, OR  (2001 - present)

John Reed Dunn - guitar

Brian McIntyre - guitar

Aaron Hausberger - bass

Martin Castillo - drums

We're From Japan! was an instrumental band before being an instrumental band was cool. For going on 13 years now, they've been honing and perfecting, evolving and rocking the fuck out. Their shows are fewer and farther between these days, so if you have the chance to catch them live, grab it.

Andi Camp/We're From Japan! - you are the vehicle split CDEP

Grafton 10 - The outside world might see this split ep as an odd collaboration, but Andi Camp and We're From Japan! had been playing shows, touring together, and sharing drummers for a while when this was released. Two songs from each group and one kick ass collaborative cover make this little cd a gem. Recorded by Rob Bartleson at Haywire and Supernatural. Joey Prude jumped in at the last second to play drums with Andi. 

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