back in the studio!

A little over a year and 11 songs later, temper and hold is back in the studio recording our second album! 

This time around we're taking a little more time to try and do the songs justice. Taking a little more time sounds great until you find yourself working a normal full time work week and then spending the entire weekend in the studio for an entire month! Almost done, and I'm not afraid to admit I'm freaking tired. 

Also, what is up with the price of 2" tape?? $330 a reel? Are you fucking kidding me? That shit should be illegal! (Back when I was a kid...  why, you could buy an entire reel for $150!)

We'll have some digital sneak previews soon, but this time we're headed straight to vinyl for the physical release. 

Stay tuned, we're pretty stoked for this one.